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'''Little Feat''' is an American Rock music|rock band formed by singer-songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist Lowell George and Keyboard instrument|keyboardist Bill Payne in 1969 in Los Angeles, California|Los Angeles. George disbanded the group due to creative differences in 1979, shortly before his death. Surviving members reformed Little Feat in 1987, remaining intermittently active to the present. Although the band has undergone several changes in its lineup, the music remains an eclectic blend of rock and roll, blues, R&B, boogie-woogie|boogie, country music|country, folk music|folk, gospel music|gospel, soul music|soul, funk music|funk and jazz fusion influences. Guitarist Jimmy Page stated Little Feat was his favorite American band in a 1975 ''Rolling Stone'' interview.
OriginLos Angeles, California
Years active1969–1979, 1987–present
GenreSouthern rock, blues rock, roots rock, funk rock, jazz rock, boogie rock, country rock, jam rock, swamp rock{{Citation|last=Friedwald|first=Will|year=2010|title=A Biographical Guide to the Great Jazz and Pop Singers|publisher=Pantheon Books|Pantheon|isbn=9780375421495|page=258}}
LabelRhino Records|Rhino, Warner Bros. Records|Warner Bros., CMC International, Tower Records|Tower, Hot Tomato Imprint
Current membersBill Payne
Paul Barrere
Sam Clayton
Kenny Gradney
Fred Tackett
Gabe Ford
Past membersRichie Hayward
Lowell George
Roy Estrada
Craig Fuller
Shaun Murphy (singer)|Shaun Murphy
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